After three years of fighting obstacles, on April 8, 1999 thanks to the strides made by 15 outstanding ladies, Beta Theta chapter was established. This made it the 31st chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha, the first Latin organization. Its purpose is to cater towards the needs of women on the UCF campus.

Along with the accomplishment of the establishment of a chapter, the founding sisters also established and fought for recognition of the Diversified Greek Council by the Greek community at UCF. This was a monumental accomplishment for Beta Theta chapter. Once the Diversified Greek Council was established and recognized, other multicultural Greek organizations were able to start a chapter on campus.

On November 4, 2000, Line One was added to Beta Theta. This group of ladies had realized a long-standing goal of theirs when they were welcomed into the Lambda Theta Alpha sisterhood. Eventually, eleven ladies succeeded and became what is known as “The First Dynasty.” From then on the legacy of Beta Theta continues to grow with high quality ladies that are determined to leave a mark on campus and in the community.

Through various community service projects and educational programming, Beta Theta is making a difference. We are determined to give back, not only UCF but, the Central Florida community. Whether it is telethons with Arnold Palmer Hospital to help raise money for the cancer wing, or giving out food to the homeless, our sisterhood strives to help those in need. Beta Theta also does workshops on issues that can affect everyone, such as self-defense, as well as enlighten others on people and various walks of life. It is our hope to break down barriers within our community and to dissipate ignorance. We strive to become leaders and inspire other women to stand up for their beliefs and never stop reaching for their dreams.