Tradition: Lambda Theta Alpha members have a hand sign and traditional call. LTA’s do not step, but they do salute and stroll.


Saluting is a tradition unique to Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. Saluting is a means by which members of an organization can praise a particular member within their organization or to honor the organization’s past and current accomplishments. Members write a salute, and tend to include words of modern-day songs. Once they have the text, they proceed to add motions to the salute. Typically, if there is more than one person performing a salute, the members will synchronize their movements. Saluting symbolizes unity and respect.

Strolling or Party Walking 

Strolling is a tradition that traces back to the inception of historically African American Greek organizations and is practiced by many organizations to this day. Members of a Greek organization line up one after another. Similar to saluting, they move forward in a line performing the same dance. Strolling exhibits unity and pride.

LTA has a distinct call that differentiates them from other organizations. It shows our unity and sisterhood by having a certain call that every sister in the nation does. It is usually done when receiving a shout out from other organizations, or after a performance.

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