Assorted Flavas

As an annual fall event, Assorted Flavas holds two purposes. It is a cultural showcase, in which individual and groups can showcase their talents, ranging from cultural dancing, singing, acting, or any other talent they want the world to see. Orlando is full of diversity, and Assorted Flavas brings it all together in one great show! It also serves as an opportunity to award an incoming freshman or first semester transfer student with the ALAS scholarship that the Beta Theta chapter fundraises for personally.  It is a fun-filled show you don’t want to miss! For more information of the ALAS scholarship, click here.


Founder’s Week

Founder’s Week is a week filled of events every spring semester in celebration of the founding of Da Blaaazin’ Beta Theta chapter at UCF. The week is designed to showcase our principles of unity, love, and respect while putting on educational, social, cultural, and charitable activities for the UCF and Orlando community. Each year there are different events in which entertainment and education are mixed into one. Each event is unique, with an exclusive purpose catering to different interests.